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About Us
I started in Chihuahuas 12 years ago quite by accident. A neighbor told me I had asthma, heck , my Doctor didn't even know it yet. I didn't belive her but bought a Chihuahua mix because I knew she needed the money. I rest is history.
 I started with the best dogs I could afford and slowly worked up to what I have now. Some I placed because of confirmation, some because of temperment or health problems. I still am striving for better but I am very pleased with this years crop of pups. In fact I am keeping most of the females.
  We live in a small town in Northeast Georgia, on 18 acres. The "kennel" is attched to our house. I go right from our living room to the kennel. Our dogs have continual access to outside. Our dog areas are double fenced and the outer fence has two foot high chicken wire on the six foot chain link fence to give our dogs some added safety against four legged critters that roam the woods that border our property. Each of the six runs measure 32 inches by 10 feet, which give our dogs plenty of room for exercise. Get they plenty of barking time supplied by the deer, we never tire of seeing, which visit our property regularily. My two house pets have their own area, which weather permitting, we use every day for playtime. I beleive in lots of interaction for happy, healthy dogs.
  The picture at the left is in a home where she is being shown. They have finished one female  in eight shows, they purchased from here. Both females are of our breedings. The finished Champion is Ch Yeshua's Hibbard's Tinkerbell and can be seen in The Chihuahua Club Of America Handbook 2000. Thank you Dorothy Hibbard for having these dogs shown.
 I try to be totally honest, which gets me into a lot of trouble with other Chi breeders, about what good and bad is behind my lines. It seems most breeders are concerned with hiding problems then improving the breed. I apologize for the quality of most of the pictures on this website. The good ones someone else took and it seems that if I want the to stand in a show pose they sit. Most of the pictures of the adults, that is what they did. I will try to get better pictures in spring.
 I strive to produce the breed standard and keep my prices reasonable. That is so the average person can afford a show quality dog. I am more concerned my pups find good homes where they are loved as part of the family then seeing my dogs shown. If they get both I feel I have hit the jackpot.
 My kennel is very small, 6 runs, as I have stated above. All my mothers come in the house to have their pups and sleep the last week in my bedroom, on my bed. I take the time to housebreak all my mothers so when I retire them, I can place them in homes. The pups stay in the house and get lots of love and attention until they go to their new homes. Sometimes it is very hard to sell them, especially if I have had to bottle feed them. I hope you will contact us and see our "babies".